new couture

6:26 pm 09.04.2014

new mix by menage a trois „soleil désir“ on mixcloud

Menage a Trois  musique couture

SOLEIL DÉSIR by Menageatrois on Mixcloud

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5:15 pm 04.04.2014

bikini berlin opening, bilderbuch show


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5:24 pm 03.04.2014

terranova “headache” feat. cath coffey, video by kill the tills


Video by: Kill The Tills

Starring. Mavie Hörbiger



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6:16 pm 27.03.2014

miumiu store opening düsseldorf, agnes linn

Eršffnung Miu-Miu am 27.03 in DŸsseldorf Agnes Linn DJane Foto: Claudia Ast
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6:03 pm 25.03.2014

tory burch flagship-store opening munich, kill the tills

Tory Burch Flagship-Store Opening in München am 25.03.2014
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7:13 pm 11.03.2014

new bonnie mix: allure n°1

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4:49 pm 05.03.2014

musique couture featuring: agnes linn


Photo: Marlen Stahlhuth

You’re a real all-round talent. Honestly, what makes you most fun: singing, deejaying, hang up, drawing, modeling or acting?
It’s like choosing which sense is most important: hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting or smelling. But if I had to quit something, it would be the modeling anyway.

How did you ever get into music?
Maybe it runs in the family. My father is obsessed with music. He has almost no more room in his apartment because of his 15 guitars and 5 basses. In principle, I have always loved to discover new genres and music. In my relatively [...]

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3:19 pm 05.03.2014

musique couture dj´s


Meet Bonnie & Vivi at BonBon Bar Berlin this saturday:

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1:04 pm 05.03.2014

musique couture mix n° 20 “cabriolet”


Musique Couture Mix N° 20 Cabriolet by Musique Couture on Mixcloud

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10:29 pm 05.03.2014



The good ones don’t always finish last.
Stromberg and his team have climbed to the top spot in the German movie charts! The soundtrack consists of music provided by Francesco Wilking, Patrick Reising and comedian Stefan Raab, as well as Carsten “Erobique” Meyer providing a one-man-show and Musique Couture’s Charlotte Goltermann as music consultant. The picture was taken in Paderborn by director Arne Feldhusen.

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