“We love Musique Couture”
Christoph Amend / ZEIT MAGAZIN

“The cooperation with Musique Couture is always the right choice for Lala Berlin. Their exquisite taste in music is unique – they are a perfect partner for us when it comes to Fashion & Music, especially with their concepts for fashion shows and the way they put together compilations for the Lala Berlin Shop.”
Leyla Piedayesh / Designer & Owner LALA BERLIN

“Musique Couture delivers all key essentials for a successful event, hand picked music for our brand space and eclectic DJs for our parties.”
Bianca Richter / Energy Marketing Manager, NIKE Germany

“Musique Couture is like a perfect date. You already have a good feeling before the meeting, the evening itself flies by, and you know that you will definitely meet again.”
Grit Aßmuß /Head of TV & Event Editorial STARTNETONE GmbH / a subsidiary of Burda Intermedia Publishing Ltd.

“Music goes straight to the heart. For this you need someone who really knows it. For me, that’s Musique Couture! “
Florian Dengler / Executive Creative Director, METADESIGN

“Music makes the world go round and Musique Couture makes your event much better! Thanks Aleks & Katrin!” Liana Daskalov / Senior Event Manager, NAVYBOOT

“Music is about taste, feeling and knowledge. Ideally, in the right proportion. Too much of one or not enough of the other can be awful. The ladies at Musique Couture have found seemingly the perfect recipe.”
Jacob Bilabel / THEMA 1

“Yes, I admit it: I am the biggest fan of Musique Couture. When the new mix arrives, I listen to it about two hundred times. Then I ask myself: Where do they get that from? How did they come up with this reference? There just has to be someone you can trust blindly about music. “
Kerstin Greiner / SZ MAGAZIN, Head of STIL & LEBEN

“If it’s about music, we go to Musique Couture! 80 individual hotel clips – 80 custom songs – each one fits like a glove. 390,000 visits on Youtube speak for themselves… Thanks!” Bernd Neff / Director of Brand Management, DESIGN HOTELS AG

“These gals make the business of music enjoyable. Dependable, easy, groovy, a pleasure.”
Chris Glass / Member Manager, SOHO HOUSE, Berlin

»Musique Couture describes the spirit of our time so beautifully and wildly – I absolutely love the compilations.”
Thies Wulf / BRAND SPACES, Photography

“The perfect soundtrack for long nights and the ear-worm for the next day.”
Herbert Hofmann, Creative Director / VOO STORE