Haute Couture ( /ˌoʊt kuːˈtʊər/, French, literally, “high sewing”) is the term used for the exquisite, bespoke creations of great fashion houses – as opposed to prêt-à-porter. Music is love. Music is emotion. It’s chocolate or chili, black eyeliner or red lipstick, a great journey or a  homecoming. Or everything at once. There’s only one thing it is not: unimportant. Music takes up moods, creates atmospheres and transports messages, forms identities and communities, determines lifestyles, stimulates, relaxes, makes happy or sad. It is the language that everyone understands, because it goes straight to the heart. That’s why it’s so powerful – and why choosing the right music is the decisive factor for communicating with a target group.

musique couture is at home in the jungle of different movements and trends. We know the mainstream, but we also know the hidden clubs where new subcultures arise that delight connoisseurs today and that may inspire the masses tomorrow. Our team has long been deeply rooted in the music and events scene, and draws on a wide network of different artists and opinion leaders. We are at home in all genres. Music is our passion. And our sound is unique.

musique couture develops customized and holistic music concepts for strengthening corporate identity. We select the right music for films, find the right sound for hotels, restaurants, concept stores and showrooms. We advise clients on the selection of the right DJs and live acts for their events, and handle the bookings and all the organizational details. musique couture puts together the perfect mix for fashion shows and designs music compilations for brands.

Our concepts are never recycled. Each client gets an individual and exclusive customization. That’s important to us.