Opening on Friday, March 6 at 07:00 p.m.⁠
With our Musique Couture DJ Alessandra Denegri

Linda McCartney’s photographs offer glimpses into the everyday life of an anything-but-ordinary family, and their naturalness is both surprising and captivating. The photographer’s clear gaze, understanding of visual composition, and empathy for her subjects allow them to appear vulnerable, approachable, and human. Unlike many of her contemporaries, McCartney engaged deliberately with the domestic and familial, and made this perspective the theme of her professional work. She saw her life as wife and mother not as a limitation but rather as an enrichment of her visual world. The singular magic that imbues Linda McCartney’s work lies in her masterful use of a photographic technique that re-nounces the photographic negative as a means of reproduction and relies on the uniqueness of a one-of-a-kind positive: the Polaroid—irreproducible, uncorrectable, always live. ⁠

The exhibition “The Polaroid Diaries” has been curated by members of the McCartney Family together with Felix Hoffmann, in collaboration with Sarah Brown on behalf of the Linda McCartney Archive.⁠

© @paulmccartney / Photographer: Linda McCartney London, England, 1970s⁠

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