Converse Rubber Tracks

Converse Rubber Tracks (Promopic)Converse and us!

The beginning of 2015 saw Musique Couture´s first collaboration with Converse which involved artists like Helene Hegemann, Rocko Schamoni, Black Cracker and Jella Haase. We were really happy with how it turned out (huge billboards and ad-campaign displaying the used Chuck´s by the respective artists). This time for “Rubbertracks” Converse booked some fantastic studios for recordings:

Besides Hansa in Berlin and Abbey Road in London there will also be studios available in NY, LA or Jamaica (among others) for selected musicians. We curated the german-austrian-swiss part of the worldwide campaign (Phase1/Announcements) for Converse. Now we are looking forward to hear the first demos and are more than up for going to Jamaica!