Influencer Coop John Frieda

For the second time, we had the pleasure of finding the perfect influencer for Häberlein & Mauerer and John Frieda: For John Frieda’s latest innovation in 2016 – the Luxurious Volume ™ Inner Power hair care series  we resaerch strong women as protagonists!

With Glasperlenspiel singer Carolin Niemczyk, we found a powerfull lady who shared her personal experiences and moments with the John Frieda consumers. Carolin gave an insight as to why inner power is so essential in her personal everyday life, what her power is and why her hair is so important for her success on the stage, at the shoot or in the daily business.

The result: Authentic and characteristic picture and video material on all relevant channels. In addition to the John Frieda Own Channels as well as the Social Channels of the Influencer.

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