Berlin: cold and raw, but also individual, dynamic and free. These contradictions are well-known to anyone who has spent more than just a few weeks during lovely summer time in the German capital, fearlessly facing the brutal winter here. And couldnt it be that those contradictions are actually mutually dependent?

If you are looking for romantic Chic Paris is your choice, traditional sophistication can be found in London, easy going elegance in Rome. But this special feeling, that in the next moment something totally unbelieveable can happen quite naturally, is unique to Berlin.

The LIEBESKIND BERLIN design team brilliantly captured this vibe when they decided that Berlin needs its own fashion design classic that inherits the one of a kind, independent attitude of Berlin`s women and thus the Berlin Bag, or B Bag was born!

To celebrate its new centerpiece accordingly, an exclusive press, blogger and influencer event was held at a second world war telecommunication bunker in hip Kreuzberg on the 31 of August 2017. The guest were treated to vegetarian 3 course meal by up and coming cook Kristof Mulack, each plate paired with a matching drink, while the playlist by MUSIQUE COUTURE, who were in charge of the whole music concept of the evening, brilliantly combined modern, cool, yet elegant tracks and so   hit just the right note.

Yet, absolute highlight of the presentation of the new handbag was a live acoustic set by the indie act BABY ALPACA, who was flown in exclusively for the event. As always Chris Kittrel, singer and frontman and himself a fashion designer, bewitched the hand picked crowd with his unique voice that always sound a little bit as if a record was played just a little bit too slow and everyone lost track of time…

The already unforgettable evening was wrapped up in style with a DJ Set by MUSIQUE COUTURE Co Founder BONNIE, who added a happy and relaxed mood to the elegant, yet raw setting of the evening. SO Berlin!