Music Supervising Lala Berlin Fashion Show FW 2016

Beginning of last December Leyla invited us over to the LALA Berlin offices to get started on the music concept for the Lala-Show at Fashion Week Berlin. The fall/winter collection was named “Persian Queen goes Berlin” and was planned to be something fresh and different: a live-experience in an intimate atmosphere, combined with an artistic video installation. Jonas Lindström got involved as director and art director. Now we only needed the perfect music act to be featured in the film and the live show at Fashion Week:

23 year old Jesper Munk recorded his first album with his Dad – a renowned blues musician – and took it on tour as a support for Eric Burdon. These days he produces with Mocky and Jon Spencer and is named the “most hyped blues-musician” since Neil Young. As an artist he is even compared to Jack White and on top of all that he got real good looks… of course Leyla was excited!

The presentation took place at me Collectors Room and was a full success. Jesper Munk not only played a great part in the film, he also surprised the guests with a live set that even would have had the most experienced in the business moved.
Afterwards there was dancing on Persian carpets and Blues was mixed with champagne!

Here comes the video teaser for the event:

Music: Jesper Munk “The Parched Well” // © Warner Music & Hanseatic Musikverlag GmbH & Co.KG