Musique Couture Playlist for the bar of CHINA CLUB BERLIN

Like the city of Berlin, China is a symbol of a country in transition:

tradition meets modernity, east the west, and the impetus of these opposing poles again creates something completely new and unique.


This singularity one can find at the legendary and highly exclusive CHINA CLUB BERLIN, founded in the early 2000s. Whether the library, roof terrace, restaurant or bar: traditional Chinese craftsmanship meets modern Chinese art – constantly enchanting it`s members and their guests every time they stay at the club.


With great pleasure, Musique Couture has now created an exclusive playlist for the bar of the CHINA CLUB BERLIN for the first time this year, which precisely takes these supposed opposites as inspiration for the playlist. In close co-operation with the management, a distinctive selection of timeless, western classics and modern interpretations of Chinese “Shanghai Jazz” pearls has emerged, reflecting the ambiance of the bar and club, whether it be an aperitif, a digestif or a nightcap.