music for films

„Walk on the Wild Side“ Lou Reed


music supervising

In the big wide world of music, we help you find the song that lends the scene meaning, denouement, solitude or romance. We know international music catalogs from the inside out and can enhance every scene with the music it deserves. For those who know exactly what they want, we will help you locate even the most elusive of rights, to negotiate priceless music, and to find the rightsholder of the respective music in the opaque world of the music industry. We clear the rights and make the contracts watertight! With pleasure!

Musical concept

„Herr Lehmann“ Leander Haußmann, „Hanami“ Doris Dörrie, „Knallhart“ Detlev Buck, „Barbara“ Christian Petzold, „Whores´Glory“ Michael Glawogger, „Stromberg – der Film“ Arne Feldhusen and many more.

Rights / Licensing

Jefferson Airplan, Hildegard Knef, YMA Sumac, Brunner & Brunner, Kakkmuddafukka, PJ Harvey, Coco Rosie, Roxy Music, Chic, Ramones, White Stripes, Soap & Skin, Happy Mondays, Tocotronic, Cpt Beefheart, Nena, Hayseed Dixie, Slime, Siouxsie & The Banshess, Devendra Banhart, The Sonics, Kitty Daisy & Louis, Opus, Lali Poona, Spider Murphy Gang, Evgeni Svetlanov, Jac Berrogcal, Jaki Liebezeit, Pascal Comelade & Pierre Basien, Fever Ray, Ryuchi Sakamoto, Vladimir Vissostki, Tiefschwarz, Canned Heat, Hank Willimas, Wir sind Helden, The Kills, TV on the Radio, Gang of Four, Beck, Igor Stravinski, Cat Stevens, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Keren Ann, Egoexpress, Fad Gadget, Ween, Anita Lane usw.

music production / original scores

No matter what your budget, we can find the right composer, the best singer, the most analog recording studio. Depending on your creative requirements and concept, we have access to a multitude of international musicians, composers, songwriters, sound designers, bands and classically trained musicians. We are happy to move mountains! We produce music for film, TV, DVD and provide the music for compilations, trailers and social media.

Support of recordings for films:

Kreidler, Hauschka, Apples in Space, Element of Crime, Maike Rosa Vogel, Florian Horwath, Nora York, La Brassbanda, Coconami, James Last, Sofa Surfers, Olga Neuwirth, Claus Bantzer, The Bosshoss, Bert Wrede, Tiefschwarz, Westbam, …

Consulting for directors

Leander Haußmann, Doris Dörrie, Detlev Buck, Hans Weingartner, Michael Glawogger, Wolfgang Murnberger, Lars Jessen, David Schalko, Christian Petzold, David Dietl, Arne Feldhusen, Femke Wolting, Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli et cetera.

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