Rendez Vous

The night sings our songs:

Musique Couture has regularly held Rendez Vous nights at various locations like Pauly Saal, Dottir or Crackers since 2012. Musique Couture is the host of the event and Bonnie aka Aleks Skwarc is the main DJ, and she always invites an exciting guest DJ.
Those who have joined Bonnie at the decks so far includeLars Eidinger (Autistic Disco/STUD!O K7), Angela Richter, Schorsch Kamerun, Niki Pauls (Styling), Leyla Piedayesh (Lala Berlin), Kill The Tills (München), Wilkin Schröder (Interview Mag) oder Grit Assmuss (Burda), Michi Beck (Fanta 4) und Basti Schwarz (Tiefschwarz) alias Beck to Black, Carlos De Brito (Groove Magazin) u. v. m. Partners with Spex Magazin, Gallerie Ruttkowski, Stefan Marx, Lala Berlin, Wood Wood, MDC Cosmetic, und Jozo PR.

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