Tatort – Auf einen Schlag

Tatort – Auf einen Schlag
(Premiere on March, 6th 2016, 20:15 Uhr)

“Schlager and Volksmusik are the last bastions in which the world is at peace, happiness is eternal and the sky is simply blue and free from climate change. Here problems can simply be yodeled away.”
(Ralf Husmann)
Germany´s sharpest screenwriter Ralf Husmann has collaborated with director Richard Huber and delivered a Dresden edition of Tatort: two straightforward female detectives, a dopey police aspirant and their capricious chief are investigating a murder in the allegedly cosy world of Volksmusik in Dresden. Ralf Husmann who we had the pleasure to select music for on “Dr. Psycho” and “Stromberg – Der Film” asked us to find a Volksmusik as genuine as possible. We went straight to MilaEckeCantian who we have worked with on several other impossible music problems. That they would actually manage to come up with this kind of top notch Volksmusik did surprise not only us. Even the actors which whom they practiced the songs right away were equally impressed.
Don´t miss it, it is wonderful!