Welcome on board!

Welcome Brat Star! One of the two new guns at Musique Couture for 2019 is Brat Star! Her seamless blends of trap, pop, trance, electronic and hardcore have proven uniquely hypnotic and left many addicted. Hosting her own monthly show on Radio Primavera Sound, she is also Spanish rapper Yung Beef’s official tour DJ. She will be playing multiple festivals in 2019, including CTM in Berlin, and Primavera Sound and Sonàr in Barcelona, and lots of more exciting things to be announced!

Welcome Simon Kaiser! What, you don’t know Trade, THE party for new sounds in Berlin (OHM & ARENA)? Then you know now! And: remember that face. It belongs to Simon Kaiser, who invented Trade and is nowadays also a notorious DJ for everything related (or not related, for Simon categories don’t matter) to modern Techno. In 2018 he performed for Boiler Room, at Bread & Butter, in the United States, in Mexico and God knows where else. Since the first of January we do DJ booking for Simon (yas!). Say hi!