Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht
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Actor, musician, DJ – Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht loves the in between, which is maybe the biggest of his many talents. Even though he is an all rounder he still puts the same emphasis on every single one of his skillsets. For him they are more momentous passions and he can’t help but to fall in love with every one of them again and again.


When he first made a name for himself Wilson worked mainly as an actor – which is still the occupation he spends most of his time with. Right now he’s working with controversial German director Oskar Roehler – it’s already the third movie they are working on together. After WIlson played a small role in Roehler’s magnum opus »Die Quellen des Lebens« he got a bigger one in »Tod den Hippies, es lebe der Punk«, a movie about the time when modern icons like David Bowie and Nick Cave got wasted in West Berlin. Right now, Roehler and Wilson are working on a biopic about the director/ enfant terrible Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Next to his work with Roehler, Wilson also played smaller and larger parts in lots of movies for German cinema and tv, but the one that was most important for Wilson as an actor but also as an artist in general was »Lords of Chaos« – a movie by legendary music video director Jonas Akerlund.


»Lords of Chaos«, which is based on a book of the same name, tells the gory story of Black Metal as told by two insiders – at least one of them is a pretty controversial character: Michael Mynihan, a musician and writer who is considered by many as a worshipper of the ideas und ideals of the far right. So making »Lords of Chaos« into a movie was of course risky business, but Wilson who is moved by the history of rock music since he is a teenager, still wanted to be a part of the project so bad that he somehow managed to meet with Akerlund. Shortly after he had a role (next to Raury Caulkin and Sky Ferreira) in a movie that, after years of production, finally made it to the big screen in 2018.


This was Wilson had worked (and hoped) for since he started acting at a very young age. When he was still a boy he played one of the lead roles in »Wilde Kerle«, a series of movies that basically every German born after 1990 has seen. But Wilson always knew that he wanted to be more than a child star, so as a young man he went to California to study acting at the Idyllwild Arts Academy.


But acting, as we told you from the start, was never Wilsons sole passion. While making a name for himself in the acting world he always played in bands and finally founded A Black Rainbow, a group which he is part of until that day. As a matter of fact, he is the bands singer and songwriter. After playing some gigs and working on songs the band will go to the studio (and after that: on tour!) in 2019. But: there’s more!

Next to acting and songwriting Wilson also has a third passion which he is planning to turn into a proper mainstay in 2019: DJing! When you’ve lived in Berlin during the last few years you may have already seen a certain Wilson in a DJ booth near you. His biggest skill from the start: his diverse taste in music which defies genre as a category. Wilson is a DJ who puts lots of emphasis on reacting of the current mood and feelings of the crowd – a strength that he will, from now on, also present as a part of Musique Couture. So be prepared: you will see Wilson at aftershow parties, in clubs and in your favorite dive bar more often from now an. And: he will make you dance!


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Photography by Patrice Brylla